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UMBC HVZ Inv Logo Black.png
UMBC HVZ Inv Logo Black.png

Up the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, there has been a hidden promise of treasure and glory for those daring enough to venture out and battle the restless undead. So get ready to hoist the colors and set course. Join us on an adventure destined for legends!


UMBC Invitational is an annual Humans vs Zombies event that everyone is welcomed to participate in. Our event is a day-long game of tag vs foam across our expansive campus. Join us for some foam flinging entertainment over in Maryland and bring your zombie slaying blaster or human chasing shoes.


HvZ is a game between a foam blaster fight and common tag. Zombies chase down and tag humans to change their team over to zombie. Humans can defend against the onslaught with foam blasters. When hit with a dart the zombie is temporarily unable to chase or tag the humans but be careful, zombies aren't stunned forever. 


Registration is open now!


COVID Policy: UMBC no longer requires masking in buildings but UMBC HvZ strongly encourages attendees to wear a mask in the buildings. We also encourage vaccination but will not require it. Just please be mindful that we are playing a close contact game. If there are any concerns, please notify the club officers immediately at and we will try to respond quickly to any questions or concerns. 


Schedule of Events: Due to COVID precautions, we are asking that individuals sign up for a time slot for a rules briefing to control the amount of individuals within our lecture hall. Please bear in mind that these time slots are subject to change depending on anticipated attendance. You MUST attend a rules and safety briefing in order to play so, please sign up here. UMBC STUDENTS/ALUMNI: If possible, PLEASE attend one of our Friday evening safety briefings. 

If you are interested in starting off as a zombie, please fill out form here.

The UMBC HvZ Invitational is scheduled for April 15, 2023. The schedule and these rules are subject to change as the date of the invitational draws closer. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email them to


223 Players Registered So Far


Photos & Maps

Starting Conditions
Zombie Basics
Human Basics
Blaster Requirements
Bandannas Requirements
Dart Requirements
Know Your Zombie
Know Your Respawn Zombie
Know Your Human
Know Your ZNPC
Know Your Moderator
Photo Map
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