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About DMV Nerfers

Welcome to DMV Nerfers where foam flingers from DC, Maryland and Virginia can discuss foam

flinging, blasters, mods, equipment, and attend our monthly indoor foam flinging events. We are

excited and proud to be a part of the Maryland Foam Alliance. Our goal is to share our passion

about all things foam flinging related and to provide a safe/fun opportunity to meetup and fling

some foam together.

DMV Nerfers events will normally take place on the 2nd Sunday of Every Month at Airpark

Soccerplex in Gaithersburg Maryland, ages 12 and up, Stock Blaster Rounds, 150fps Modded

Blaster Rounds, 200fps Competitive Rounds, and General Ammo Type Provided.

Our events consist of a series of rounds, each lasting between 5 and 15

minutes. We play a variety of objective and elimination based game

modes spread across two different fields, so there’s plenty of fun for

every kind of player.

For the 2023 event season, tickets are 13 dollars online or 15 dollars at

the event for general admission. These prices allow us to cover costs of

hosting, including equipment such as provided darts, cover, and

objectives used in gameplay. In order to keep these prices as low as

possible, we also accept donations, both monetary and equipment such

as darts. If you wish to make an equipment donation, speak to an admin

at one of our events, reach out on our Discord or Facebook, or email us


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